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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Newsflash - Sri Lanka to its citizens in Lebanon - "Tough"

Read this.

"Labour relations minister Athauda Senevirathne said most Sri Lankans in Lebanon wanted to remain, and urged relatives not to press them to leave."

Oh yes, I do just love the smell of napalm in the morning. Obviously, their citizens have no wish to leave a bombed out warzone. Which is nothing at all like home. No, the Sri Lanka government quite clearly thinks that their citizens should be ruddy used to it by now and if not, well, now is the perfect time to level up their 'Dodge' skill.

90k civilians and no one wants to get them out? Including the freaking Labour Relations minister? For goodness sake, even the Indians have got their people largely out by now, but the Sri Lankans drag their feet, humming and hawwing. Without even being able to contact most of the concerned individuals, the government has decided they don't want to be rescued and instead blame the relatives?! The people, who, uh, don't want their family pounded into dust?

And it's sickeningly obvious why. These low income workers represent a significant source of foreign remittance to the economy (when you're as tiny as Sri Lanka, 90k is a lot of people). The government doesn't see people, they see dollar signs. With the homeland currently on a war footing, it would cost the gubment a packet to send ships and planes to repatriate them, and another packet to send them back when hostilities cease. So they have coldly gambled that enough will survive the conflict to resume sending fistfuls of blood soaked cash (of which various corrupt gubment types will take a tidy bite) to those relatives.

As always, it's good to be any colour besides brown.


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