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Saturday, July 29, 2006

On the Seventh Day God Rested

And so shall I. It's Sunday!

More inaneness to come. Before I enjoy the Sabbath however, here's something I never knew: Thomas Dolby did half the soundtrack to Howard The Duck. There was even a music video. Featuring the entire cast.

Ok, that song is a total guilty pleasure. As is the film, which was a Friday staple on on Ch33 for the longest time. It still has great special effects, ya know, and the fact I first saw it in black and white (thanks ch33!) made it a weird film noir for me.

One thing which didnt show up on the CH33 version was duck boob.

Probably for the better.

If you doubt me, there's proof. But I ain't going to soil my blog with it.

Ok, I'm outta here! Regular programming resumes on Monday.


Blogger The Lady said...

OMG! Howard The Duck! Gosh, I do remember watching it on Ch. 33...over and over and over again.

Since we weren't party to any of the naughty scenes, I've always wondered how the duck and the girl...y'know...danced the funky chicken. :)

10:20 AM  
Blogger marwan said...

They didn't. I imagine it can't be much different from midget porno.

Still, Lea Thompson! In her prime! To be a duck...

7:09 PM  

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