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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Call me for the barbeque, Israel - I'll bring the marshmallows

Fuck these fucking terrorists.

Do they have any idea what they've done? DO THEY?

They've damned every Muslim who walks this earth to undergo a lifetime of humiliating security checks because they couldn't keep their big hearted affections for their "suffering Arab brothers" to themselves.

They make every white person look twice at a person of brown skin walking past them. As if brown people weren't already the world's trash collectors, the human refuse of the world.

They've made it more difficult for any brown person to get a job.

They have made Pakistan syonymous with Terrorism. Great job guys! Big fat bonus for underlining the Muslim=terrorist label too! For your next Jeopardy question, what is: The religion associated with giving the world nothing but body bags?

Why the hell did they have to do this? Was there some yawning gap in their lives by not being DEAD? Does killing 4000 innocent travellers solve a single one of the world's problems? Does it even solve YOUR fucking problems?

No, it doesn't. News flash, Muslims. The world doesn't care about you, because all they see is you killing people every day. No one wants to touch a rabid dog, foaming at the teeth and that's what you look like right now. You want to be taken seriously, clean your shit up, cut off your goddamn beards and put on a dark suit.
Then start talking some sense, not this shit about pushing all the Israelis into the sea. You may dream it, but you sure as hell can't achieve it, so stop thinking you can. Hell, I dream I'm Batman every night, but that don't mean I crouch on top of Emirates Towers in a cape and tights.

Next, find a fucking compromise. You heard me, c-o-m-p-r-o-m-i-s-e. It's letting something go in exchange for something. Let me give you some nice examples!

1) You want you religious freedoms? Let people make fun of you, just like you've been making fun of them and enjoying those Christian-hating British sitcoms all these years.
2) You want peace in the Holy Land? Give Something Up. That means stopping bombing Israelis. Throwing away all those damn AKs. And stop teaching your kids that Jews are the spawn of the devil.

I'd think of more but my brain hurts. Oh, and one more thing. All these Pakistanis who are so wiling to die for Arabs - I'd like to introduce them to the Gulf. Where if the Arab is richer than you (not a difficult proposition to swallow) you Pakistanis will be cleaning sand from between their toes. That's all Arabs, whatever nationality.

So think about that next time you decide to fuck us in the ass.


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