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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


You know what, Middle East? The world cares about you only as much as they have to. It's like feeding a tiger with a piece of meat on the end of a javelin.

Nobody cares about your dead.
Nobody cares about your problems.
Nobody cares about your fucking refugees.
Nobody cares about your ignorance.

They care about your oil and while they have to extract it, they'll do the bare minimum necessary to keep the peace. It's your region, you deal with the nitty gritty.

Rather than deal with your fucked-up region, the world would very much like to pay off your leaders and not worry about things (just ask Africa). That strategy's still working, btw.
Why should they bother? The history's too complex. The occupants are violent and support murdering everyone else in the world. Beside the oil, there's nothing terribly cultural coming out of here to be lost. And the religion which powers all this is widely perceived as a relic of a byone era.

The world will move on one day. Then who will listen to your whingeing? Who will cry for the dead you failed to protect? I for one will be glad when I can finally close the newspaper, turn off the radio, put on my comfortable slippers and never have to hear about your infernal fucking problems ever again.


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