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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Aka, Jumped-Up Asian Tyrants.

Everytime my happiness is fucked these days, its an Asian behind it. Petty positions of power totally appeal to the Asian - he/she are monomuentally frustrated individuals so the chance to turn that shit right back is never passed.

Three separate incidents:

  • Melbourne. Slight tootache, my GP is booked out till the following week so I rock up to the local hospital. All i want is for a dentist to look at it, for pete's sake, but no, I have to go through all the registration rigmarole. Indian lady looks at my ID quizzically. "You don't have an address?" Eh? What? "You don't have a card with an address on it?" Who the hell has one of those? All the IDs I've ever seen, you're lucky if you have your name on it. But no. She absolutely refuses to accept any ID without my address on it and becomes increasingly belligerent/condescending. At one point, she asks to see my wallet. Fuck you, lady. I started two companies with no cash by the age of 20. I can fucking well tell you whats in my wallet without you taking it. Eventually, the Aussie lady next to her turns around and says, "It's got his PICTURE on it, what more ID do you need?" Hoorah for common fucking sense.
  • Melbourne. Got a train ticket that needs cancelling. Walk up to the station close to my house. The Indian doesnt seem trained in the art of speech, she opens the window and shouts "what is it?" Train Ticket. "We don't do that here, go to Spencer Street." Window shut. Spencer street is 20 blocks away. You could fucking ease the pain of that walk by being a little nice, you twat.
  • Dubai. Paying a DEWA bill, in the satwa office. Two cashiers, a row of seats leading to each. I'm a big fan of order and this is quite to my liking. Each person pays, then everyone moves up a seat. I take my place, a middle aged local man behind me. When my turn comes, the Pakistani man behind the counter takes my bills. I start explaining some of the specifics when he motions me to sit down. Then he calls the local man behind me and pays his bills instead. I don't blame the local man. He didn't ask for the preferential treatment. The Pakistani, on the other hand, is a tool of the first order. Maybe it's because I don't look Muslim? Or my skin colour is not white enough? Or I'm not a lady?
Every day sucks being Asian. You get ignored, spat on and laughed at by everyone on the planet. Self esteem is jolly hard to have when it's constantly being taken away from you. You know how when you buy something, if the server takes that little bit of effort to smile at you and make a little joke, it takes some of the sting out of life? Asians will never do that. Once they get into a position of power - no matter how insignificant - they will take that hate and return it tenfold.

The trouble is, they only do it to other Asians. Not to the people who genuinely oppress them. They do it to the people who already face a thousand tiny injustices every day, because it's easy and requires no courage. Just the other day, I saw some Sindhi punk pushing around a bunch of guys drying his 450k Porsche. He was every inch the five-foot general, shouting at them to be careful and 'mind the leather'. This, despite the fact that he can climb into that Porsche, flick on the bacteria-free climate control to 'Lo' and roar away in V8, air-suspended luxury, while these guys have to sit out inside in the insane heat, day in day out, probably for the rest of their lives.

So yeah, Asians. Stop taking the easy way out. Feel for your fellow man. And find some fucking balls to stand up to people.


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