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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This is another fine mess you've gotten us into

Looks like I've derailed the 'nationality' debate at Emirati's blog with my maudlin 'I love UAE..why can't we just get along' speech.

Can't help it. I don't know what drives me to love this place, but I do know what drives me crazy is when Emiratis tell us our loyalties are divided. They're not.

PS: i'm talking about the guys who grew up here. Not these new arrivals who are stinking up the joint (all nationalities) with their greed and fame-chasing. They just want to suck this place dry and move on to the next Hong Kong or Singapore where they can live the life of Riley while pissing on the natives.

Even you, SecretDubai - you've only been here a relatively short while, you weren't here for the really good stuff. Those who grew up here could tell you it used to be absolutely wonderful and there was so little COMPLAINING. Ramadan was really a time of joy, for all religions. Now fasting has become utterly weary and it's hard to feel God in your heart anymore.

PPS: This isn't a slam on SD - at least she is trying to give the people a voice.


Blogger samuraisam said...

i arrived there way back in '90.

5:11 PM  
Blogger marwan said...


6:37 PM  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Hi Marwan - you need to drop me an email (I need your email address) to send you the UAE community invitation. [my username here] at gmail.

5:32 AM  
Blogger CG said...


11:09 AM  
Blogger BreastImplants said...

I was born here, 78.
I have no special attachment to this place or any others, really.

I don't hate it here, neither do I like it.
I'm indifferent?

8:48 AM  

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