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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Short Cuts - Wings Hauser Edition

Superman Returns: If there's one thing Bryan Singer knows, it's how to nail those iconic shots, those poses and camera angles when Superman rises beyond his 4-colour origins and assumes almost-mythical proportions. The rising score envelopes you in a tide of warmth, you join the fictional public in the film in laying tribute to what is a truly a God among men.
And for whom, unfortunately, feet of clay come standard. Cripes, could this have been any longer? And what's with Emo Super Jesus? Either he's hovering over earth, in his ready-crucifix mode, or he's moping around stalking Lois (the new, impossibly young edition). For a film ostensibly about the mother of all heroes, everybody sure seems depressed.
Let's not talk about Kevin 'Gene Hackman wasn't campy enough, but let me add this pinch of sadism' Spacey. Or the fact that 'Super'man's almighty power seems to consist of nothing more than lifting progressively heavier objects.

Crank: My head hurts after watching this film. Amy Smart, call me.

My Super Ex Girlfriend: Uma, call me first. Clingy sounds good.

Grosse Point Blank: Nostalgia never sounded so good. Weary, cynical listless GenXers, recognise John Cusack is your messiah.

The Infuriator, Issue 1:
Exhibit #1:
Looks like any hotel in Europe, right, with the local richboys parking their whips outside? Wrong. This is a collection of college-age UAE guys who spend every summer touring through Europe, taking their Dubai cars with them. And as you can see, they're a far cry from rentals.

I can't even begin to imagine how rich these people are. Nor can I imagine what a colossal waste of money this is. I know travel's supposed to be about the journey, but this....this is beyond ludicrous. While there'll always be people who say rich folks are free to do whatever with their money, the fact is there's no way in hell these kids earned the right to do any of this. While they sashay through Europe without a care in the world (and probably a thought in their heads) we're all in Dubai working our digits to the bone to pay for these brats to live the way they do.

It isn't fate, it isn't luck. It's us, foolishly accepting the way things are and refusing to do anything about it.


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