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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

La paille finale?

If the buzz on UAE Community is to believed, they've gone and blocked my beloved Torrentspy. The source of literally all my entertainment, my gateway to a world of film and TV beyond Dubai's pathetic Virgin Megastore-sized offerings.

And now it's gone.

Sigh. It's not like I have any other vices to fill my time - I don't smoke, drink, or party. Books are nice but a tad wearing after a long day at the office, so to my everlasting shame I don't read much anymore. Heck, the last book I really sat down and read is the last Harry Potter. My formerly voracious appetite is largely satisfied by the Internet now.

Films, my abiding passion, are kept in check by Dubai's rotten release quality (I'm looking at you, VideoScope, purveyors of badly photoshopped posters and guilty of quoting 'Scene Selection' as a feature on the back) and my inability to afford to continuously import from overseas.

And in any case, quite a few of the films I watch don't show up on places like Amazon so looking for a torrent of a Region 3 release is sometimes my only avenue. How else would I watched something like Brokeback Mountain, which will likely never be released here? Or worse yet, something which gets a release but is sashimeed to smithereens by our thoughtful censors.

Plus, it must be noted, TV has really caught up these days. Good shows like Prison Break and House (er, sorry're wearing a wee bit thin) need to be watched as soon as they come out to avoid that forbidden fruit of online spoilers. While I understand people who like to wait for season boxsets, it means that you have to wait six to seven months for it. I'm sorry, I'm from the culture of instant gratification. I don't want my MTV, but I sure want my TV.

Wait till it comes out on satellite? More waiting. Nice. Plus, we don't get to see it in widescreen and I'm an OAR whore. To crown it, all these so-called 'entertainment channels' want to do is show off J.Timberlake's new cylon love song or 'direct from the US!' American idol. Not to mention Nancy. Freakin. Ajram. All. The. Time.

What a corker of a homecoming gift from Etisalat. So either I: a) find a great job that takes up all my time b) find some friends (fat chance) or c) find a straight razor and an open vein.


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